Allegravita is an award-winning public relations and strategic communications digital agency.
Founded 2003 and headquartered in NYC’s most diverse neighborhood,  Allegravita delivers innovative approaches to generating opportunity, activating partnerships, and delighting customers and audiences with conceptually-sound content and experiences.

Communicate persuasively.


Public Relations

Allegravita’s PR campaigns are powerfully proactive and reactive. We manage communications between your organization, your brands, and your audience, stakeholders, regulators, the media and the public.

We look after the campaign concept ideation, creative design, copywriting, media training, media list building and outreach, multi-channel campaign amplification, and weekly, truly excellent results reporting. 

Content Marketing

Allegravita has mastered the science of lead-generation and brand awareness utilizing multi-platform content marketing techniques. We copywrite and produce persuasive content and place it into carefully targeted media, diverse social media platforms and owned media.

We create stories and experiences which your customers, employees and stakeholders love to share. You have the brand hero; leave the storytelling to us.

Digital Marketing

Allegravita ideates and produces winning multilingual websites and microsites, ecommerce stores, electronic direct marketing (EDM) campaigns, sophisticated tracked online advertising campaigns, SEO and SEM campaigns, and custom software and database application programming (including lead-gen casual mobile games.)

 We build innovative infrastructure to base your storytelling and business development campaigns upon.


Your brand is your face in the marketplace. Your brand is the single most powerful factor to create a positive first impression, and an open mind to learn more about your product, service or message.


Events and experiences are key elements of a sound PR or strategic communications campaign. Allegravita is skilled at the conceptual design and execution of events that enhance our clients’ messages.


We create beautifully functional printed and digital marketing materials — media kits, brochures, white papers, books, expo materials, stationery, gifts, snackable video all the way through to broadcast quality documentaries and ads.

Market Intel

Before executing their plans, Allegravita clients benefit from comprehensive market evaluations, which help to clarify exactly what parts of a commercial offering are attractive to which market segments, and why.

Montage of PR results from various Allegravita clients

Powerful PR

Powerful PR

Allegravita’s advanced stategic communications methodology drives your story into the audiences you need to activate.

Our cross-channel PR places your stories into relevant mainstream and specialist media, leveraged heavily across social media and influencers. This generates tons of positive coverage about your product, service or message.

We help our clients communicate more effectively, generate more leads, reduce the length of sales cycles, develop and maintain excellent reputations, and manage crises if they should occur.

“How do you say your name?”

“How do you say your name?”

Al·​le·​gra vi·​ta

\ ə-ˈleg-rə\ \ ˈvē-tə\

We named our agency after our kid – because we knew when we formed the agency, we were doing this for our family.  The name is comprised of two Latin words allegra, meaning “joy” and vita, meaning “life.” My greatest wish has always been that my children have joy in their lives, but the name has come to mean so much more. We’re lucky that this agency has provided for our family, has brought us some of our greatest professional successes, brought us clients who become like family, and has provided the impetus for all we do for you.

Catherine Davis, Founder Director

A portrait of Catherine Davis
Allegravita's events director, Catherine Davis, managing a client gala event

Hire our Events Director

The Allegravita team is standing by to support your next event.

We specialize in vendor and venue sourcing and negotiation, guest list management, media management, event staffing, venue branding. We’re across all the details so you can focus on the most important part: networking with your guests and enjoying the celebration.

Unlike mainstream event companies, we pay special attention to the desired outcomes of the event from a business perspective, which includes understanding your objects and your budget. We are detailed-minded and creative ensuring an effectively branded, streamlined, and professional event.

Allegravita's Fractional CMO service at a major blockchain expo

Hire our Fractional CMO

The Allegravita team is ready to support your growing brand by acting as your fractional CMO.

Before you are ready to hire a CMO or full marketing department, Allegravita can provide expert strategy and executive leadership for a fraction of the cost and the risk.

When time comes to build out your inhouse team, handover and mentorship by Allegravita transfers knowledge and best practice techniques.

Our proven expertise across industries and disciplines can give you the confidence that we can run a strategically-sound, data-driven, and creative marketing programs while remaining flexible to your business needs.

Recent project highlights

Recent project highlights

  • November 2022: we built a store to empower New York CannaBusiness Chamber of Commerce members to pay fees online.
  • October 2022: we ideated and built the New York CannaBusiness Chamber of Commerce website and content marketing campaign.
  • October 2022: we helped the Brooklyn Business Center to launch the Backyard Tourism urban explorer app.
  • September 2022: we ideated, designed and staged non-profit CouldYou?‘s inaugural menstrual health symposium and 15th anniversary charity celebration.
  • September 2022: we implemented far-reaching fit, finish and presentation upgrades for real estate portal Aptillion.
  • September 2022: we ideated and built Bulk Bully Consulting‘s first website.
  • August 2022: we ideated and implemented a wildly successful PR campaign for blockchain technology startup Summon Platform.
  • July 2022: we built and launched NFT project DazedDucks’ online auction website SolBids, including full Solaris blockchain integration.
  • July 2022: we helped Caraway Health to implement crucial website improvements prior to the health insurer’s launch.
  • June 2022: we ideated and implemented a large private party for NFT project DazedDucks during NFT.NYC 2022.
  • June 2022: We helped Bluecorn Beeswax to implement a major upgrade to their ecommerce website.
  • May 2022: we implemented custom cryptocurrency checkout for NFT proejct DazedDuck’s online merch store.
  • November 2021: We led ABEY to win Blockchain of the Year at AIBC Europe, Malta

Clients love our work

Clients love
our work

I can’t express to you how much we appreciate your services.

Allegravita contributed greatly to our success and will pay dividends down the road as we continue to refresh the effort.

Adam Rusch, PhD

President, Summon Association

Woods Bagot logo

I would like to take the opportunity to thank Allegravita for outstanding service to Woods Bagot since we engaged you as our communications agency.
The energy and commitment you and your team have repeatedly demonstrated combined with your ability to
deliver excellence in professional services has been second to none.
Your company has excelled many other professional services companies that I have come in contact with
particularly in terms of focus, commitment and going that extra yard to ensure an excellent outcome.
We see Allegravita as part of the Woods Bagot family network and look forward to doing business with you
well into the future.

Jason Marriott

Partner, Woods Bagot Architecture

Dear Allegravita team, 

Thank you so much for all that you do!  

We appreciate your passion, your dedication — and your many, many contributions to our success.  

We love working with you and thank you for all of your hard work and effort on our behalf. 

Lori Anne Wardi

Senior Director, Registry Marketing, Communications & PR, GoDaddy Registry

Ready to get started?

Ready to get started?

Schedule a no-cost, no-obligation consultation with Allegravita today.

Schedule a no-cost, no-obligation consultation with Allegravita today.