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Founded in 2003, initially to support Australian, American and European clients to capitalize upon the Beijing 2008 Olympics and Paralympics, Allegravita quickly emerged as a preeminent international PR and strategic communications agency.

Over almost 20 years, Allegravita has delivered our no-nonsense PR and strategic communications campaigns in the United States, Europe, Japan, Korea, Australia and the Middle East. With a strength in supporting clients’ business development targets, the proprietary Allegravita methodology presses diverse marcomms disciplines into service to provide a truly innovative approach to generating leads, activating channel partners and influencers, and delighting customers and audiences with sharply intelligent content and experiences. 

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Simon Cousins

Simon Cousins is a highly effective chief marketing officer (CMO), a nuanced chief communications officer (CCO), a remarkably persuasive creative director, an engaging public speaker and trainer, and our entrepreneurial co-founder.

A natural polymath, Simon quickly masters practically any client sector in remarkably short timeframes, and specializes in technical sectors. He has deep experience and comprehension of blockchain, internet infrastructure, cybersecurity, the private space sector, fintech, gaming, food and beverage and other verticals.

Simon’s marcomms specialties include PR & strategic communications (with China, Japan, Korea expertise), branding and identity (with China expertise), crisis management (with China expertise), business development & policy impact, digital marketing and information architectures, leadership development, mentorship, coaching and training. Simon is a strong copywriter and excels and finding and defining his clients’ brand voices.

 Simon has 32 years’ experience as a C-level leader in marketing communications, policy and technology enterprises. He is a well-rounded leader in diverse marketing agency disciplines and an award-winning China specialist.

Born in Australia and now a US citizen, Simon lives in New York City, is devoted to his wife and kids, and enjoys his passions for high-energy particle physics, Dungeons & Dragons, EDM music composition, and cooking.



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Catherine Davis

Catherine Davis is a master media strategist, expert corporate comms team leader, a highly persuasive experiential and events manager, a skilled agency operations and traffic manager, academic and educator, and our entrepreneurial co-founder.

Catherine has leveraged her deep academic sector experience in the service of her public relations and strategic communications agency, Allegravita.

As a Ph.D. candidate and a university professor, Catherine honed her understanding of the power of language and linguistics to deliver highly persuasive marketing and comms campaigns and initiatives.

She has provided project and team leadership for more than 300 clients, including Fortune 500s, public companies, governments and SMEs across Asia and the USA.

Such is her linguistic skill that she was engaged by the Chinese government’s National Institute of Education Research to develop and pilot a new, national K-12 English curriculum and teacher training. Following this successful project, she was hired by Beijing TV to train the influential broadcaster’s journalists and editors in advance of the international media onslaught that was the Beijing 2008 Olympics and Paralympics.

Born in Chile, raised in the Middle East and South America, and with most of her career divided between California, Greece and China, Catherine now resides in New York City and Wilmington Delaware with her husband and two children.

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Raymond Li

Raymond Li is our china partner and chief technology officer (CTO). Raymond and Simon have collaborated since 2003, and Raymond brought his advanced technical skills to the Allegravita team in 2005.

Raymond is our senior ranking executive for all operations in China’s mainland, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan and other key Asian regions.

The Allegravita team looks to Raymond for his calm technology leadership across our digital marketing portfolio of services. A graduate of Beijing Normal University, Raymond brings a rigorous scientific mind to all of his duties.

Raymond’s technical achievements are notable: In 1998, while still in school, Raymond built a famous website on CERNET (The China Education and Research Network was the first nationwide education and research computer network in China), was the webmaster of Beijing Normal University’s BBS, and was the primary sysadmin of China’s first Linux forum. Raymond designed and built the system architecture for China’s first generation K-12 educational network, as well as the design and maintenance of Shanghai’s Xuhui district education network, which has more than 200K daily users. Since 1999, Raymond has served as CTO of China’s biggest education website, www.k12.com.cn, a business so successful that the site’s Alexa rank is in the global top-2000. His technical credentials include website systems development, distributed systems design, database system build and domain systems operation.


A global team.

A global team.

Allegravita maintains a geographically diverse coalition of partner boutique agencies, with whom we can execute marketing and communications projects as an integrated team.

Singapore, Myanmar, Hong Kong: Rice Communications
Japan, USA: btrax
Korea: G3 Partners
France, China, USA: Creative Capital
Australia: Blue Planet Public Relations
Bahrain, United Arab Emirates, Oman: CommUnion
Germany: Jeschenko MedienAgentur
USA: Sunshine Sachs



Rice Communications
Rice Communications
Rice Communications
G3 Partners
Creative Capital
Creative Capital
Creative Capital
Blue Planet Public Relations
Jeschenko MedienAgentur
Sunshine Sachs

Allegravita’s values.

Allegravita’s values.

Allegravita people are actively engaged in the world of ideas. We operate in a state of awareness of the stimuli that seek to persuade us, for we are masters of persuasion and possess superpowers over audiences and consumers.

Allegravita people are respectful, brave and accountable. We share well, argue well, and listen well. As communications professionals, we proactively strive to be our best selves.

Allegravita people work hard. Our no-nonsense results-driven Allegravita Methodology provides our clients with the relentless delivery they expect of us.

We can’t make our entire Allegravita Values public (our Values are a key element of the uncommonly disciplined and accountable Allegravita Methodology), but we are proud to share the top-line values our team aspires to:

Our Professionalism Values

  1. I take a passionate interest in our industry
  2. I am engaged in the world of ideas
  3. I have respect
  4. I am brave
  5. I am accountable
  6. I am career-minded

Our Communications Values

  1. I know what is important
  2. I communicate consistently
  3. I guard against self-indulgence
  4. I have integrity and communicate with integrity
  5. I never lie
  6. I always put my clients’ interests before mine
  7. I strive to exemplify Allegravita’s values and be the best brand ambassador for Allegravita that I can be

Ready to get started?

Ready to get started?

Schedule a no-cost, no-obligation consultation with Allegravita today.

Schedule a no-cost, no-obligation consultation with Allegravita today.