Our shared objectives

Know what’s important.
Clarify your objectives.

We undertake strategic communications planning within our disciplined proprietary methodology. We contribute a fresh overview of our client’s current and future public relations, communications and marketing challenges and opportunities which positively informs the dialogue necessary to develop a clear-eyed communications plan.

Our client-agency dialogue results in a set of clearly-stated objectives, which we categorise into communications objectives and commercial objectives. These objectives are then used as key performance indicators for our work.

Mutually-agreed communications objectives often include:

  • Raising your profile in China, Hong Kong and the region through increased media exposure in mainstream and industry-specific media outlets
  • Establishing your executives as media pundits within their fields of expertise
  • Establishing a reputation as a clear regional leader in your field or sector
  • Be frequently thought of as a ‘supplier of choice’ by Chinese/Hong Kong and regional companies and/or consumers
  • Be thought of as a company which operates within the highest ethical framework, and as a good corporate citizen, sensitive to China and Chinese traditions

Mutually-agreed commercial objectives often include:

  • Provide your regional directors and business development personnel with an enhanced professional reputation to empower them to write more business in China
  • Increase the pool of new business suspects; fill the sales pipeline with more qualified prospects
  • Encourage and empower existing clients to act as advocates for your enterprise