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Special event design and implementation.

An Allegravita-planned special event is a cut above the average “in-house” planned event. Our multi-disciplinary team of communications professionals has the experience and expertise to ensure that your key messages and brand identity is clearly and memorably presented to your guests.

An Allegravita event is characterized by:

  • High levels of conceptual creativity, appropriate to the corporate communications objectives
  • Excellent and innovative venues to differentiate you from your competitors
  • Highly polished ‘look’ of the event, with high-quality/low-cost materials to immerse your guests in your brand experience
  • Superb copywriting in English and Mandarin Chinese or Hong Kong Chinese for all marketing, media and event materials (including speech notes)
  • Professional venue negotiations and management to ensure the best-possible hire rates and access – we are experienced in China’s most impressive venues including the Great Hall of the People, the Diaoyutai State Guesthouse, foreign embassies and many of China’s beautiful public parks
  • Professional A/V specification, set-up and management for seamless audio, presentation and video
  • Tasteful and culturally appropriate food and beverage catering
  • Well-informed and innovative guest list creation; proactive and tenacious invitee relations
  • Excellent accommodation of media representatives including appropriate television camera position planning and audio splitters, media background kits, specialist liaison
  • Professional event management during the event, with a fully-briefed and role-specific bi-lingual or tri-lingual event staff
  • Interesting and useful ‘lipin’ gifts, designed to support brand messages and produced at low cost
  • Clear and timely post-event reporting to ease follow-up marketing efforts