Leverage China’s media

Be more famous.

Allegravita’s media relations strength is in proactively identifying viable ‘targets of opportunity’ within the mainland Chinese and Hong Kong media and implementing successful conclusions to those opportunities.

In other words, we write news releases, columns and features which are likely to be of interest to a broad spread of Chinese and Hong Kong media, and then we get them published. Our goal is to ensure that our clients are visible and most importantly, relevant to key Chinese decision makers and opinion leaders. We are committed to supporting continual improvements to our clients’ profiles.

We are so confident in our superior media sector abilities, we guarantee levels of relevant media coverage in every client contract we enter into.

We approach our public relations assignments from a market and stakeholder segmented perspective. We will work to ensure appropriate messages are crafted for the individual segments, and proactively place these messages into media outlets which reach these segments.

Allegravita’s fundamental understanding of Chinese business, cultural, governmental, and linguistic intricacies, combined with authentic simpatico with the corporate world informs our media planning and PR material development.

Please contact us to discuss how Allegravita’s media strengths can quickly benefit your enterprise in China, whether you’re a newcomer or a seasoned operator.