Become a better spokesperson

Appearing in the media is equivalent to presenting to an audience of millions.




It takes days to prepare for a presentation to perhaps a dozen people. But how well do you prepare before you meet the media? Imagine presenting to an auditorium of millions of people. This is the challenge and opportunity of appearing in the media.

The differences between Western and Chinese media are great: Chinese media are overwhelmingly owned by the government and operate according to a different set of communications objectives to those in Western-style societies. Cultural differences in the roles of journalists and editors also exist, and different expectations exist in the minds of those media workers.

Allegravita can coach your key media-facing executives in a workshop format (in Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Sydney, New York City or other cities upon request). We will assist your spokespeople to stay on-message, be adept in cultural opportunities to impress, handle the unexpected and the inevitable sharp/negative questions and participate effectively in one-on-one and roundtable interviews.

Allegravita also offers short-form “crash-courses”, commonly provided to our clients’ fly-in/fly-out spokespeople, to assist them to quickly grasp the most important “do’s and don’ts” when appearing in Chinese media, so as to avoid embarrassment, cultural faux pas and to stay on-message within this challenging media environment.

After Allegravita’s coaching, your spokespeople will be fully prepared for Chinese media events, and will become effective elements in delivering on our shared communications objectives.