We stand for professionalism, clear communications and integrity in everything we do.

We have learned much from leaders in our field, and we owe a debt of gratitude to those who have taught us.

We take great pride in how our team approaches our clients’ communications needs, and in how we manage our relationships with our clients and partners.  Taking everything we have learned, we have distilled the Allegravita Values, which guide all of our professional actions.

What is an allegravita?

Like Xerox, Kleenex, Google and Coke, our name, Allegravita, is a neologism.

We created our name from Latin roots, and we interpret it to mean “a happy way of life”, which is the fundamental purpose of our existence according to ancient Chinese scholars.

Allegravita’s colors represent green earth and blue water, paying respect to the ancient Chinese cosmology of 风水 (feng shui, or, “earth and water”).

Our 2018 brand colors are arrayed in an aggressive paramilitary camouflage pattern, indicating the no-nonsense results-driven approach of the Allegravita Methodology.

What’s the deal with the camouflage?

The China market is tough. Hell, every market is tough these days.

With ever-increasing competition in practically every sector, brands and businesses get their butt kicked unless they’re fully equipped for the battles that lay ahead.

Allegravita understands how to fight for our clients. How to protect our clients. And in dicey situations, how to keep the peace for our clients. We dress our brand in camouflage as a constant reminder that without fight, our clients are likely to have their butts handed to them by their competitors, regulators or an angry mob.

Allegravita’s Values guide our work.

Allegravita people are actively engaged in the world of ideas. We operate in a state of awareness of the stimuli that seek to persuade us, for we are masters of persuasion and possess superpowers over audiences and consumers.

Allegravita people are respectful, brave and accountable. We share well, argue well, and listen well. As communications professionals, we proactively strive to be our best selves.

Allegravita people work hard. Our no-nonsense results-driven Allegravita Methodology provides our clients with the relentless delivery they expect of us.

We can’t make our entire Allegravita Values public (our Values are a key element of the uncommonly disciplined and accountable Allegravita Methodology), but we are proud to share the top-line values our team aspires to:

 Our Professionalism Values

  1. I take a passionate interest in our industry
  2. I am engaged in the world of ideas
  3. I have respect
  4. I am brave
  5. I am accountable
  6. I am career-minded


Our Communications Values

  1. I know what is important
  2. I communicate consistently
  3. I guard against self-indulgence
  4. I have integrity and communicate with integrity
  5. I never lie
  6. I always put my clients’ interests before mine
  7. I strive to exemplify Allegravita’s values and be the best brand ambassador for Allegravita that I can be


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