Three of China’s greatest auction platforms held successful auctions at DOMAINfest @ IoN.Asia in Hong Kong last week. Total auction proceeds reached USD $5.25 million (CNY 35,020,000) and’s auction also broke the record for 4-number domain prices in China.

See this summary in Chinese here.

Jinpai logo

Jinpai‘s auction reached a total of USD 2,592,223 (CNY 17,290,000) over the course of a 3 hour auction on 24 names on Monday Sept. 19th in the afternoon. The auction was run by Jinpai’s founder SHEN Xiaohang, CEO ZHANG Daguanren and Co-founder/Auctioneer QIAO Yuanyuan, who are all well-respected figures in the China domain industry. Many domains sold for incredibly high prices, including at USD 818,398 (CNY 5,450,000) and for USD 300,032 (CNY 2,000,000)

Jinpai and DOMAINfest team

Jinpai’s hostess Qiao Yuanyuan (second from left) and the DOMAINfest team


Jinpai auction domain names

24 highly valued names were offered in Jinpai’s auction logo’s (爱名网) Wechat & Video Auction division ran an auction on Sept. 20th in the morning that brought in total proceeds of US487,621(CNY 3,250,000) for 20 names. went for USD 79,520 (CNY530,000) and USD 63,316 (CNY422,000). 3CPL (Chinese Premium Letter) was successfully auctioned off at USD 52,513 (CNY350,000). 

Cat Feng of and the DOMAINfest team

Cat Feng (center) of and the DOMAINfest team’s Cat Feng hosting their auction on September 20th logo

Last but not least was on the afternoon of the 21st, which brought in total proceeds of USD 2,171,204 (CNY 14,481,500). With introduction by’s CMO Cheng Lijuan (程妮娟), the auction was hosted by hostess Xiao Bei (小贝). Valuable names such as went for as much as USD 145,440 (CNY 970,000) with more than 100 bids, breaking the record for 4-number domains in China. Other great auction prices included for USD 1,055,337 (CNY 7,040,000) and for USD 75,077 (CNY 500,000).

Cheng Lijuan and DOMAINfest team

Cheng Lijuan of and the DOMAINfest team auction team

The auction team auction domain names

The 20 names and packages on auction for

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