logoThe rise of .VIP in the domain name industry baffled many investors and industry veterans earlier this year when it reached more than 400,000 registrations in its first 30 days (according to nTLDstats).

In response to inquiries from many channels since then, the registrar 101domain invited Allegravita’s CEO Simon Cousins to lead a discussion last week on the value of the term VIP in China, where a majority of registrations are coming from. In this discussion, Simon explains the allure of the extension to Chinese domain buyers given the historical and cultural significance of the term and what investors can expect from .VIP as it gains in value in the future. In a talk entitled “.VIP and China – What is Happening?”, Simon presented the key historical meaning of VIP since it first entered the Chinese language as well as how it has evolved in meaning over time.

.VIP is arguably one of the most popular new domain extensions in the world, and China will continue to be a great source of .VIP’s growth in the future, where the acronym signifies many unexpected things.

Be sure to check out more in the video below!


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