We’ve received word that 190.com recently appointed a new CEO, one of our dearest business partners Tang Jiaqiu (唐嘉求). JQ assumed his new role on August 1st.

The announcement indicates that JQ intends to expand 190.com’s international activities and partnerships, something we endorse wholeheartedly.

We’d like to take this opportunity to congratulate JQ and his team!


Tang Jiaqiu (唐嘉求) graduated from England’s University of Warwick MBA program and spent 5 years working in England before moving back to China. He has been an entrepreneur ever since, working for some of China’s largest companies, including New Oriental, and building his own educational platform Huoxing 火猩教育 (http://www.hx.cc/), now in its second round of investment. Jiaqiu is an enthusiastic domain investor and has been responsible for a large chunk of 190.com’s international expansion.



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