For domain name registries eagerly awaiting Chinese government approval for permission to fully enable their domains in the world’s most populous nation, a ray of hope emerged today in China.

The director in charge of these approval certificates (known in Chinese as 备案 or “bei an”) posted two “help wanted” ads on the popular Chinese job-seeking platform (here and here). The well known regulator, Madame Pei Wei of the powerful Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, is the hiring authority indicates that these jobs involve the approvals process.

As the central ministry in charge of China’s Internet, the MIIT is potentially indicating they are looking to expand their personnel base and progress the critically important process for approving domain extensions and the resultant Internet Content Provider licenses.

Both job descriptions indicate job responsibilities that include issuance of certificates and preferred experience in the domain name industry.

许可受理审核员 (License Handling Inspector)

岗位职责: (Position Responsibilities)

(Responsible for receiving clients, consultation, material examination, certificate issuance and material records management;)

任职资格: (Qualification Required)
(Has an administrative license, with preference for Internet and domain name-related work.)

许可审核兼技术支持 (License Inspector and Technical Support)

岗位职责: (Position Responsibilities)

(Manage the daily domain registry system well, support work on securely upgrading systems)

任职资格: (Qualification Required)

(Has an administrative license, with preference for Internet and domain name-related work)

For the more than 14 domain name registries which Allegravita has been hired to support for their China market entry, today’s news will be viewed as very encouraging. While it does not guarantee any particular approvals, it certainly indicates that the regulatory process is proceeding well, and that news alone will buoy the spirits of every registry hopeful of selling and resolving their domains in China.


Allegravita is a strategic communications and corporate services consultancy of 13 years of successes in the complex China market. Allegravita supports and represents more domain name industry players in China than any other company in the world, and is the primary China corporate services advisor and marketing agency for famous domain brands, including .CLUB, .VIP, .CO, .LAW, .ART, .SITE, .ONLINE, .SPACE, .GLOBAL, MMX, GMO, ICM Registry, Rightside Registry, Radix Registry, Top Level Design, Famous Four Media, ZDNS and KNET, NamesCon and others. In partnership with .ASIA and Jothan Frakes, Allegravita is co-host of the DOMAINfest.Asia conference.

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