Asia’s largest portfolio domain registry Radix concluded its first ever China hackathon at HKUST (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology) on Sunday, supporting young entrepreneurs starting exciting new businesses after their studies in Hong Kong.

This year’s HackUST drew 440 participants and tech enthusiasts from many universities throughout the Hong Kong territory.

There was plenty of enthusiasm onsite for Radix website domains offered free of charge to the startups involved. The Radix team chose its own winning team among the startups in the competition, who received their choice of domain, Amazon $50 coupons, $5000 HKD and several Radix domain t-shirts.

Every participant was also eligible to receive a free domain name under Radix’ various extensions including .tech, .space, .online and .website.


This is the first ever hackathon in Hong Kong supported by a foreign registry to provide early stage startups with websites.

HackUST is a 24-hour coding event held by Hong Kong University’s Science and Technology department. In past years, the competition was sponsored by companies including Tencent, Google, DJI, Radica, PacificLink group, and GoGoVan among others. hackUST was published in Hong Kong Economic Journal, Sing Tao Daily, StartsUpHK web portal, HKUST Annual Report 2014-2015 and various newsletters at HKUST.

Hong Kong is increasingly an innovation hub for its robust legal system, its pool of university education and talent, and for the strength of its investment funds and institutions. Radix looks forward to continuing its engagement with HKUST in the future.

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