The AFLC (American Football League of China – 中国美式橄榄球联盟) held its 2016 season summit of coaches at the Chongqing Radisson on Saturday, adding six new teams to their roster.

Altogether, AFLC now represents 16 teams nationally in China hailing from every major metropolitan city. Their summit meeting in Chongqing locked down by-laws for the 2016 season and announced new developments for the league, including hat merchandise sponsorship by Lackpard, the appointment of regional representatives, new negotiations for exhibition games in Dubai and Japan, and new football clinics and referee training sessions.

The teams will be organized into four conferences: AFLC East, AFLC Northeast, AFLC South, and AFLC West. Gameplay will start in August with a pre-season and a 4 game regular season that will extend until November. While no inter-division games will take place during the regular season, the playoff structure will place the top teams of each division in an 8 seed bracket.

The current season includes the:

Beijing Iron Brothers (北京铁瓷兄弟), Canton Apaches (广州阿帕奇), Chengdu Pandaman (成都熊猫人), Chongqing Centaurs (重庆半人马), Chongqing Dockers (重庆码头工), Shanghai Fudan Dragoons (复旦龙骑兵队), Guangzhou Tigers (广州兕虎), Hangzhou Generals (link), Hefei Sarcosuchus (合肥帝鳄), Hong Kong Cobras (香港眼镜蛇), Hong Kong Orcas (香港杀人鲸), Hong Kong Warhawks (香港戰鷹), Shanghai Nighthawks (上海夜鹰), Shanghai Titans (上海泰坦), Shanghai Warriors (上海勇士), and Shenzhen Oilers.

Check out the AFLC Weibo and Facebook.

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