On March 8 in Marrakech, Allegravita presented new information to ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) on the Chinese Internet and domain name market during their APAC Space meeting, which handles the APAC community discussion of the Internet naming system in the Asia-Pacific region.

Allegravita Director of Strategy, Kurt Pritz, gave the key remarks of the presentation to an attentive audience of international players interested in understanding developments in the Chinese market. With input from China partner and CTO Raymond Li, Allegravita provided an overview of new investment and loan structures for domains in China, as well as the rapid expansion of money in the market and surges in domain prices.

Chinese domain investors are now using domains as investment vehicles and borrowing against the market value of their domains.

Prices have surged substantially in the past year or so by as much as 3333% for instance in the category of 4-letter CN domains.

For more information, see the presentation on Slideshare.


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