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As part of its efforts to improve one-on-one exchange between the US and China, Allegravita has partnered with the Gridiron Leaders Foundation to help bring American sportsmanship and teamwork to Mainland China.

Sports bring people together in common pursuit of goals and teach a sense of camaraderie amongst sometimes disparate groups. American football in particular is a great cultural unifier in the United States and has acted as a source of leadership and exchange for many decades.

Allegravita is therefore proud to be working with the Gridiron Leaders Foundation, who are taking great strides in bringing the best of these values to China through American football fellowship programs. Their foundation brings exemplary coaching from the US to China to instruct teams in Beijing, Shanghai, Chongqing, Xiamen, and many others. These fellows not only impart some of the character of the United States in China, but also learn a great deal about the culture and qualities of China and its people.

Chris McLaurin, President and Founder of Gridiron Leaders, had the following to say about our work with them:

“Allegravita has been a trusted and reliable partner for us.  When trying to convey a brand and marketing message across two very distinct cultures, Allegravita get’s it and we are so pleased with their interest, knowledge, and professionalism during these early stages of branding for our foundation. They were beyond our expectations in terms of cost savings and the speed with which they were able to help us improve our core branding position.”

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