Allegravita wishes all our friends a happy and prosperous year of the snake!

In this new year of the Water Snake, the Allegravita team wishes all our clients, partners, allies and friends be blessed with the luck brought by double snakes.

May you find sources of water on both your left and right, that things bend in your favor under all circumstances, that global sources of revenue flow to you, that your business connections bridge China and the west.

May you prosper in business, as well as in family, and may you thrive to such an extent that you yourself boost the feng (wind) and shui (water).

May your good luck flow gracefully and unstoppable like the winding forward of snakes and dragons.

Artwork for our Lunar New Year card this year was creative directed by Allegravita’s Simon Cousins, and designed by Gina Kim and Jarvis Fernandez. Conceptual input from Kane Gao, Michael Roach, Jiayi Qian and Nicky Ruan.

The Snake in Chinese culture

According to ancient Chinese culture, Snake is always a good omen: a snake in the house means that the family will always have plentiful food.

Of the 12 Chinse zodiac animals, Snake is the most refined and collected of the group. Snake is intuitive, graceful and exciting.

As the most materialistic animal of the Chinese zodiac, Snakes love to surround themselves with the finest life has to offer. Luxurious surroundings and furnishings help Snakes to achieve the peace they need in order to thrive.

Snake is an indicator of material wealth, as he is a reliable provider for his family, and is a good mediator. In particular, Snake has a keen mind for business. Snake is intelligent and wise and adept at husbanding resources.

Hong Kong taipans and Chinese entrepreneurs identify with Snake, as he is naturally skilful at plotting and scheming to make things turn out exactly as they wish. Snake is able to wait for his prey, perfectly still and hidden, until his deadly and effective strike gets him exactly what he had planned to get.  Snakes are possessive and often deadly when threatened.

The Water Snake (2013)

According to the 5-year elemental cycle of the 12 animal years of the Chinese zodiac, the year of the Water Snake begins on 10th February, 2013.  This is the first day of the Lunar New Year.

The last Water Snake year was 1953.

People born in a Water Snake year are said to be motivated, intellectual, determined and resolute about achievement of material success.

These Water Snakes are influential, graceful, insightful and analytical, and for these and other qualities, make good senior business managers and entrepreneurs.

Water Snakes will have what they desire, regardless of obstacles, and comport themselves through life with an expectation of material reward.

Xin nian kuai le!

Learn more about the business and culture of Chinese Spring Festival (aka Lunar New Year, aka Chinese New Year) at our essay about the Lunar New Year, and also at Allegravita’s Chinese Takeout Spring Festival infographic.

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