Allegravita’s Chief Executive, Simon Cousins

As the Chinese economy continues to grow, Chinese consumers are looking for more ways to spend and invest their wealth in overseas assets.

On May 16, China Luxury Advisors, Jing Daily and China Luxury Network have partnered to host a symposium in New York that aims to better the understanding of the underlying motivations behind Chinese luxury purchase decisions so as to help lifestyle companies build loyalty with this powerful customer base more efficiently and effectively. Our colleagues at China Luxury Advisors, Jing Daily and China Luxury Network have been very kind to invite Allegravita’s Chief Executive, Simon Cousins to be a featured expert speaker.

Simon will be speaking about the Chinese wine industry and will be sharing Allegravita’s vast experience in bringing foreign wine brands to China. This includes localizing, and creating new wine brands and product lines for China, private equity advisory, as well as organizing business matching meetings and various wine events that helped a number wine companies make their first sales into China.

For more information on the symposium itinerary and to get your tickets (they’re selling out fast!), head over to:

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