John DigweedI love John Digweed.

As a DJ, I have great respect not only for Digweed’s Transitions program on Proton Radio, but also for the way he empowers young producers. He and Nick Muir founded Bedrock Records, now celebrating over 12 years of excellent progressive house and techno releases. Although they produce their own tracks, he never makes a fuss about them, only occasionally including them in his sets; but he always seems genuinely excited about tracks by other producers.

Many DJs love the sound of their own voice, explaining away the mystery of every track and drowning out the music; John simply lets the music speak for itself. He praises the producers and graciously thanks his audience.

John is a simple, humble, consistent DJ whose character stands out above his peers. I saw him play his first Beijing appearance, and I hope he returns one day soon.

This passion belongs to Joel, our art director.