Today at the China region’s largest fine wine trade fair, the Hong Kong International Wine and Spirits Fair, premium Australian wine producer Audrey Wilkinson Vineyards presented a range which the winery’s proprietor described as “a new era”.

中国地区最大的葡萄酒贸易展会香港国际美酒展于今日举行,澳大利亚著名酒商Audrey Wilkinson庄园展出了被其庄园主称为“新时代”的葡萄酒系列。

Founded in 1866, the winery’s eponymous founding family planted its first vineyard in the New South Wales (Australia) Hunter Valley region in Pokolbin.  Upon the patriarch’s death when young Audrey Wilkinson was only 15 years old, the young man assumed the task of running the family vineyard – a daunting task in contemporary times, let alone for a 19th century Australian teenager.

Audrey Wilkinson庄园由同名家族于1866年成立,在澳大利亚新南威尔士博高宾的猎人谷区种下了第一株葡萄树。创始人去世时Audrey Wilkinson只有15岁,这个年轻人认为在现代时期经营这个家族式庄园有些令人望而却步,更别说对于一个19世纪的澳大利亚男孩了。

Today, Audrey Wilkinson Vineyard is in the ownership of the Agnew family who have constructed a state-of-the-art winery at this historical site, and re-commenced making wine there for the first time in 60 years. It is this momentous step which Audrey Wilkinson Vineyard’s proprietor Mr. James Agnew described as “our rebirth”.

如今,Audrey Wilkinson庄园的所有人是Agnew家族,他们将这一历史悠久的葡萄园发展成为业界精英,并在60年后重新开始酿造葡萄酒。这一具有纪念性的决定被Audrey Wilkinson庄园主James Agnew先生形容为“我们的重生”。

Mr Agnew’s use of the term “rebirth” is backed up by an impressive pair of awards won this year.  The winery was awarded trophies for “Best Exhibitor” in the prestigious 2010 Hunter Valley Wine Show as well as the 2010 Australian Small Winemakers’ Show (the latter being reserved for boutique producers with a crush of less than 500 tonnes).  The winery’s medal haul in the Hunter Valley Wine Show was 2 Gold, 9 Silver, 7 bronze, and for the Australian Small Winemakers’ Show, 3 Gold, 5 Silver, and 8 Bronze.

Mr. Agnew said, “To win Best Exhibitor – a special award recognizing the excellence of the triumphant winery’s entire range – is  testament to the broad high quality of the wines produced by our star winemaker, Jeff Byrne. In challenging wine competitions such as the Hunter Valley and the Australian Small Winemakers’ Show, the weighted numbers of the Best Exhibitor award give us tremendous confidence in Jeff’s simpatico with Audrey Wilkinson Vineyards’ history, legacy and new technology.”

Agnew先生的“重生”二字得到了今年所获两个奖项的印证,分别是2010猎人谷葡萄酒展和2010澳大利亚小型葡萄酒厂展览的“最佳展商”称号(后者只面向产量小于500吨的小型酒厂)。Audrey Wilkinson庄园在猎人谷葡萄酒展共获得2项金奖、9项银奖、7项铜奖,在澳大利亚小型葡萄酒厂展览获得3项金奖、5项银奖、8项铜奖。Agnew先生说:“‘最佳展商’是对酒商整体系列的褒奖,是对我们的明星酿酒师Jeff Byrne所酿造高品质葡萄酒的证明。而在如猎人谷葡萄酒展和澳大利亚小型葡萄酒厂展览的竞赛中,‘最佳展商’的称号则让我们对Jeff 在酿酒过程中对Audrey Wilkinson庄园历史、传承和新技术的融合有了极大的信心。”

Two newly-released premium hand-picked Reserve Range wines will be exhibited at the Hong Kong Fair: the 2007 The Lake Reserve Shiraz and the 2006 Reserve Chardonnay.  Creator of these exceptional wines, winemaker Jeff Byrne, is a protégé of Mr. Len Evans, AO, OBE.  Mr. Evans is acknowledged as having done “…more to advance the cause of wine in Australia than any other individual”, according to The Oxford Companion to Wine.

在香港酒展中新推出了两个手工采摘优质珍酿品种——2007年份湖泊珍藏设拉子、2006年份珍藏霞多丽。这两个品种的酿酒师Jeff Byrne 是Len Evans的学生,曾获得大英帝国勋章与澳大利亚勋章。Evans先生《牛津葡萄酒大辞典》中被称为“在推进澳大利亚葡萄酒事业所做的贡献任何一位酿酒师都无法比拟。”


James Agnew, Director, Audrey Wilkinson Vineyards, mobile telephone +61 410 375 045, or visit Audrey Wilkinson Vineyards at the NSW Australian Stand at the Hong Kong International Wine and Spirits Fair, booth 3DB18, Hall 3 of the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre between Thursday 4th November through to Saturday 6th November.


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