Allegravita는 창의적이고 실력 있는 마케팅 및 커뮤니케이션 전문가들을 위한 매력적인 커리어 기회를 제공합니다. 빠르게 성장하는 기업 환경에서 임직원 모두 자부심을 갖고 일합니다.

특히 팀의 리더를 선정하는 데 있어 재능과 창의력, 책임감을 모두 갖춘 인재만을 까다롭게 선별합니다. 아울러, Allegravita 가치에 부합하는 것은 필수 덕목입니다.


We’re currently recruiting for the following positions (to apply, please email your resume in English and Chinese to hr AT

Title: Account Director
Location: US
Reports to: the Chief Executive

You are motivated by the challenges and rewards of senior leadership. You eat, sleep and breathe strategically and conceptually sound communications planning. You probably think you could run your own agency one day, but for now you’re still building your experience and credentials. You speak English beautifully and you write with a concise and professional style. People trust you for good reason, and turn to you for advice on marketing in China. You want to play a central role in a fast-growing, world-class communications business and be accountable for the public relations profiles for a substantial portfolio of great clients.

Title: Senior Account Manager
Location: US
Reports to: your Account Director

You aren’t a kid anymore. You are ready for a highly responsible account service role in which you will be primarily accountable for the tactical implementation of three or four clients’ PR plans. You amaze your colleagues with your consistently positive attitude and your well-organised WIP. You’re full of energy and you consider yourself to be emotionally stable and a clear thinker. Your manager doesn’t want to lose you, but you know that you need to spread your wings and test your abilities in an agency where you’ll be more than a middle-manager.

Title: PR Executive
Location: Hong Kong
Reports to: your Account Director

Damn, you’re good. You know everyone and you love the media. Hell, the media love you. You’re ready for an exceptionally interesting role that will have you out of the office and telling our clients’ stories morning, noon and night. Your shoes are shiny, you don’t smoke, and you are the people people’s people person.