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Established in 2003, Allegravita is an award-winning, multi-disciplinary PR and strategic communications agency focused on supporting international clients in the China region, and taking Chinese clients to the world. 

Allegravita is a boutique global agency with personnel and offices in Beijing, Guangzhou, Kunming, Hong Kong, New York City and San Francisco. We are properly incorporated in New York, USA and Beijing, China. 

Since 2003 we have provided high-quality PR, marketing and corporate advisory services with a special focus on achieving excellent results for international clients in the China region, and in Chinese speaking markets worldwide, and international results for our Chinese clients. 

We incorporate expert public relations abilities with a firm grasp of contemporary China-region and Chinese-language marketplaces to ensure our clients communicate persuasively, generate leads, reduce the length of sales cycles, develop and maintain excellent reputations, and to manage crises.  

Our corporate services division supports clients to incorporate companies in China, and to efficiently comply with Chinese law. For our Chinese startup and government clients, we provide targeted corporate services to streamline US regulatory and immigration compliance. 

Allegravita works within a highly-accountable and disciplined Western management system, executing the highest quality of work for our clients, which we deliver with agility, flexibility, creativity and cultural savvy. 

Allegravita is an ethnically diverse, multi-cultural team of professionals of different cultural heritages. What we share in common is our passion for China and Chinese business, and our relentless pursuit of maximal ROI for our clients. Our team’s diverse backgrounds in multiple sectors deliver superior analytical outcomes. 


A portfolio of integrated services to help you succeed. 

Public Relations for proactive and reactive messaging, with editorial insertions in Chinese and international media and full multilingual clippings services.

Allegravita is a PR expert, with more than 14 years of superb results in Chinese and international news and specialist media. 

Allegravita’s PR campaigns proactively and reactively manage the communications between the client organization and its audience, stakeholders, regulators, the media and the public. 

PR is an extremely effective communications tool for companies, government enterprises, institutions and individuals to tell their story and persuade audiences to see their point of view or to action.  

PR is especially valuable in the marketing of goods, services and ideas, empowering the client to amplify news. In cases of inaccuracies or misunderstandings, PR is a powerful method of correcting unhelpful sentiment. 

In cases where companies or enterprises have erred, PR provides an effective method of apologizing and rectifying matters.  

PR, particularly in China, is a powerful communications tool, and PR can be used for good or nefarious purposes. Choose your PR practitioner only after ascertaining their integrity, honesty and professionalism. 

Allegravita executes PR worldwide, and is a China specialist: The Chinese media represents both great risk and great opportunity. With deft strategic planning — made possible by deep understanding of the Chinese state-run media sector’s daily imperatives, long and strong relationships with hundreds of key media editors and senior journalists, and 360° grasp of the client’s objectives — Allegravita clients enjoy exceptionally positive and targeted media coverage through the China region. 

Allegravita also provides crash-course and full Chinese media training services, delivered with our proprietary curriculum, to help client spokespeople become effective communicators in the tricky China media landscape, and for Chinese founders and executives to communicate persuasively in international markets. 

Content Marketing, including startlingly effective and creative Chinese and international social media strategy and management.

Social media provides a critically important channel to not only communicate with your audience and customers, but also a powerful lead-generation medium. 

Allegravita’s proprietary social media business development methodology generates tens of thousands of validated leads for our clients every year. 

From campaign ideation through to launch, promotion and management, Allegravita has mastered the science of lead-gen and brand awareness on diverse social media platforms in Chinese and international territories. 

Digital Marketing and Communications including multilingual web strategies and site builds, online advertising, electronic direct marketing, search engine marketing and optimization in China and international markets, and custom game and app builds for WeChat.

It goes without saying that online and digital communications are a key element in any strategic communications plan. 

Allegravita ideates and produces winning multilingual websites and microsites, electronic direct marketing (EDM) campaigns, sophisticated tracked online advertising campaigns, SEO and SEM campaigns, and custom software and database application programming. 

The Chinese internet is unlike any other. Consumers view the Chinese web as a place that they can feel freer and more empowered than in most other social situations. Sophisticated marketing and communications can be delivered to targeted audiences via online communities. 

Corporate Identity localization and brand development to communicate your value and benefits to Chinese markets, and for Chinese clients to motivate international investors, influencers and customers.

Allegravita’s accomplished corporate identity unit provides brand conceptualization, localization, execution and extension. 

A company’s corporate identity is their face in the marketplace. Corporate identities are the most powerful single element to set positive first impressions. 

Corporate identities — brandmarks, visual elements and boilerplate copy — which work well in Western countries can have dramatically negative effects in China, if not properly analyzed and localized where necessary. The vice versa is also true: Chinese brands rarely communicate and sell effectively in international markets without expert naming and brand localization support. 

Allegravita’s corporate identity work exemplifies a conceptually sound approach to visual communications. The hundreds of corporate identities we have created and localized for China and the world have helped our clients to more accurately position their products and services in the marketplace, reducing their communications effort and cost and giving a sense of pride to their employees, partners and stakeholders. 

Marketing and Communications Collateral to present your multilingual messages with excellent credibility.

Beautiful and functional printed and digital marketing materials — media kits, brochures, white papers, books and booklets, exhibition materials, corporate stationery, gifts — are an effective tool to enhance your credibility (this is especially so in the China market, where printed collateral is a must-have). 

Allegravita maintains a full creative design studio, operating around the clock in our Beijing and New York City offices. The excellence of our multi-lingual copywriting and design has been proven for more than 14 years.  

Allegravita clients enjoy highly effective and persuasive marketing collateral, produced inexpensively and accurately in China, Hong Kong and other target markets, helping them to maximize their return on investment. 

Video production, including documentary, corporate, snackable, sharable and animated video assets.

Video production is a challenging marketing and communications discipline to master. When multicultural and multilingual campaign requirements are added, video can be daunting. 

Allegravita 100% in-house video production unit has created hundreds of exceptional video assets for clients in China and international markets over 14 years. From long-form documentaries which we have not only written, shot and edited but also achieved broadcast on major television networks, to corporate and training videos, animated explainers, and short “snackable” YouTube/Youku video and social media friendly sharable video, we provide the mastery necessary to translate your message and objectives to this powerful medium. 

Experiential Marketing to deliver compelling events and experiences in China and international markets.

Staging and hosting events and experiences is a key element of a sound PR or strategic communications campaign. Allegravita is skilled at the conceptual design and execution of events that enhance our clients’ messages. 

Events range from intimate luncheons and mid-sized banquets through to multi-thousand attendee seminars and symposia. The key objective is that your audience’s experience is on-brand and leaves a lasting, positive impression.  In China, within distribution channels, experiential marketing arguably returns greater bang-for-buck than most other marketing investments. 

Market Intelligence research, reporting and analysis to support your strategic planning.

Regardless of three decades of “reform and opening-up” policies, China remains a black box in all but a few industry sectors. As the Chinese government controls practically all statistics on the economy and consumer behavior, useful data is difficult to find, let alone rely upon. 

Before acting in China, Allegravita clients benefit from comprehensive market evaluations, which help to clarify exactly what parts of a commercial offering are attractive to what market segments, and why. Additionally, market intelligence guides the localization of our clients’ brands, ensuring that they’re as effective as possible in what is a very different marketplace mindset. 

Allegravita’s market intelligence unit also produces regular explainers, infographics, white papers and essays for general release. 

Never underestimate the importance and power of accurate and independent market intelligence.  Contact us to discuss your needs. 

Corporate Services to support your Chinese incorporations and regulatory compliance, and for our Chinese clients, efficient company formation, operational and HR solutions, and visa assistance.

Many Allegravita clients enjoy such success with their China market entry that they take the decision to incorporate in China or Hong Kong.  

Allegravita’s corporate services team has led dozens of successful incorporations of Hong Kong limited liability companies, Chinese registered offices, Chinese wholly-foreign owned enterprises (WFOEs) and even China-foreign joint venture enterprises. 

Our corporate services have been trusted to establish companies and back-office operations by small exporters all the way up to publicly traded companies. 

Allegravita’s corporate services also provide full regulatory compliance services packages, corporate office searches and lease negotiations, IP protection strategies and tax planning. 

Of special interest to our Chinese clients, we provide targeted services to support streamlined regulatory and HR compliance for startups establishing their businesses in the United States. 

Global Execution. 

Allegravita maintains a geographically diverse coalition of partner boutique agencies, with whom we execute marketing and communications projects as an integrated team. 

Singapore, Myanmar, Hong Kong: Rice Communications 

Japan, USA: btrax 

Korea: G3 Partners 

France, China, USA: Creative Capital 

Australia: Blue Planet Public Relations 

Bahrain, United Arab Emirates, Oman: CommUnion 

Germany: Jeschenko MedienAgentur 

USA: Sunshine Sachs 

Want to get your business integrated seamlessly into China?