Established in 2003, Allegravita is an award-winning, multi-disciplinary PR and strategic communications agency focused on supporting international clients in the China region, and taking Chinese clients to the world.

  • For China

    Founded in Beijing in 2003, Allegravita has emerged as a preeminent Chinese PR and strategic communications agency.
    The proprietary Allegravita Methodology empowers a remarkably swift onboarding of Allegravita’s China comms experts to our clients’ marketing, business development, product and executive teams, with positive results typically apparent in the first month of our engagement.
    Allegravita’s bespoke China marcomms plans typically include PR, content marketing, digital marketing and communications, corporate identity localization and extension, deftly localized collateral and video, experiential marketing and business intelligence. New China market entrants often take advantage of cost efficiencies brought about by engaging our targeted corporate services, and many clients rely on Allegravita to build and manage their first China distribution channels.

  • For The World

    Our clients demanded that we bring our exceptionally creative and relentless campaigning to their non-Chinese customers and audiences.
    Since 2010, Allegravita has delivered our no-nonsense PR and strategic communications campaigns in the United States, Europe, Japan, Korea, Australia and the Middle East.
    With a strength in supporting clients’ business development targets, the proprietary Allegravita Methodology presses diverse marcomms disciplines into service to provide a truly innovative approach to generating leads, activating channel partners and influencers, and delighting customers and audiences with sharply intelligent content and experiences. Many Allegravita clients have begun their agency relationship with us in Western countries, and discovered how easy it can be to expand into Chinese markets.

Who We Are

We incorporate expert public relations abilities with a firm grasp of contemporary China-region marketplaces to help our clients to communicate more effectively, to generate more leads, to reduce the length of sales cycles, to develop and maintain excellent reputations and to manage crises if they should occur.

Operating as a single integrated agency with incorporated practices in China, Hong Kong, the United States and Australia, Allegravita provides high-quality services with a special focus on achieving excellent results in the China region.

Allegravita consistently exceeds the creative and strategic standards that savvy clients expect from multinational multi-agency conglomerates. Our highly effective campaigns are managed with agility, flexibility and accountability.

While our focus is on the China region, most of our services are equally effective in many markets worldwide, and many clients have engaged us for worldwide support.

Allegravita works within a highly-accountable and disciplined Western management style.  Our proprietary Allegravita Methodology brings an uncommon level of discipline and accountability to the work we execute for our clients.

We are proud to be an ethnically diverse organization. Allegravita’s multi-cultural team of professionals contributes the cultural heritages of Australia, Austria, Canada, Chile, China, Hong Kong, Korea, Malaysia, Peru, Singapore and the United States to every assignment we undertake.  Our teams diverse backgrounds in multiple sectors delivers extensive and in depth experience to our clients.”

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